Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ABS International offers fully furnished and safe transportation facilities to address commuting challenges, ensuring a relaxed and convenient journey, especially for our female employees.

We celebrate diversity at ABS International, ensuring that all employees feel valued and respected irrespective of their background, ethnicity, gender, or beliefs.

We have a culture of recognition and appreciation, where employees are celebrated for their contributions through various rewards, incentives, and acknowledgment programs and with provision of commission.

We promote a feedback culture where employees receive regular feedback on their performance, achievements, and areas for improvement, fostering continuous growth and development.

Our standard working hours are from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM, Monday through Friday. However, specific timing requirements may vary depending on the nature of the role and project deadlines.

Yes, ABS International provides remote job opportunities for certain positions, allowing employees to work from the comfort of their own homes or any remote location with a stable internet connection.

Yes, ABS International understands the importance of work-life balance and offers flexible working hours for employees, enabling them to adjust their schedules according to personal needs and commitments.

ABS International promotes gender equality and offers various perks for female employees, including maternity leave, flexible working arrangements, career development programs, and a supportive work environment conducive to personal and professional growth.

Salary at ABS International is based on factors such as qualifications, experience, and the specific demands of the role. We strive to offer competitive compensation packages that reflect the value and expertise of our employees.

The key performance indicators at ABS International vary depending on the role and department. However, common KPIs may include project deadlines met, client satisfaction ratings, sales targets achieved, and individual development goals reached through performance evaluations and feedback mechanisms.

Absolutely, with around 7 years of establishment, ABS International has garnered trust and recognition in the industry.

No, ABS International has been around for about 7 years, establishing itself as a seasoned player in the industry.

If you need to get in touch with ABS International, you can reach us through the following channels:

1. Email: For general inquiries: support@absinternational.pk
For customer support: support@absinternational.pk

2. Phone and Chat Support: You can contact our customer service team at +92-21-34835018. You can also Chat with our customer representative for quick access during our business hours.

3. Online Contact Form: Visit our website at www.absinternational.com and fill out the contact form provided. Our team will get back to you promptly.

4. Social Media: Follow us on our social media platforms Facebook Instagram LinkedIn and send us a direct message.

5. Visit Our Office: If you prefer face-to-face communication, you're welcome to visit our office. our location is : Office#1, 1st floor, Plot#SB-14, University Rd, Block 13-C Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

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